FAQ for 3ds prepaid card code generator

1. Does this 3ds prepaid card code generator works for all countries?


2. Does it work for all systems like Windows/Vista/Mac/7

Yes it works absolutely for all systems!

3. I got an update what should i do?

Simply when update is avilable you will update your version to latest and that’s it!

4. Are this 3ds codes 100 % legit? 

Absolutely! they are same like the one you used to purchase, there is no differences, when you get your code from our generator,  and when you try to redeem it, system will think like you have purchased it!

5. Why do i have to do a survey?

Surveys are really easy to do and it takes like 1 minute of your time. The reason why surveys are necessary are simple because managing our projects and server require us to pay big monthly fee, and like this we are able to get revenue for work we done, and in the end everyone is happy, users got what they wanted and we are able to manage our server hosting and develope more projects like this for our users!

6. I tried to complete a survey but it won’t unlock, what should i do?

Simple when you are doing a survey, you need to make sure to fill it with your real/valid informations. Otherwise system will detect is as  spam and your download won’t start/unlock, So make sure that when you are doing a survey to use your legit informations and your download will start/unlock!

7. Is there any way to avoid surveys?

Sorry but not! There is no way to bypass or avoid a survey, simple if you really like our work and project we done for most of people, you will support us by spending 1 minute of your time to complete 1 of surveys, and in the end both sides will be happy. You will be able to have free 3ds codes and we will be able to maintain our server and project and even making more projects like this later on!



12 thoughts on “FAQ

    • Hello,

      Make sure you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 latest version

      Best Regards,
      3dsprepaidcardcodegenerator team.

    • Hello Jaron,

      Make sure you have installed latest version of Microsoft Net 4.0 Framework, and make sure if there is any updates available to program, to keep them up to date. Regards

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